We Say Yes Instead of No!

We Can Insure Any Driver Regardless of Your Driving Record, DUI, Accidents, Moving Violations, or Even No License.

Route 66 Insurance Agency Mission

  • We Operate Using Multiple Insurance Companies, Not Just One
  • We Shop Your Policy Around to Find the Best Fit for Your Insurance Needs
  • We Can Provide Commercial Insurance for ANY Type of Business
  • We Provide Home Owners Insurance for Houses Near Brush Fire Areas
  • Prior claims? No Problem We Can Still Write Your Policy

Our mission as an Insurance broker is to work for you -----our customer, by providing you with outstanding customer service and find you the lowest prices possible. We are able to shop your policy around to many different companies to find the best one to fit your insurance needs. We pride ourselves on treating our clients like family. Our vision is to educate and tailor an insurance plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. Our goal is to exceed your expectations of price, product and value.

Route 66 Insurance Services is your one stop business for all of your insurance, dmv, and business needs. We look out for you by finding the best possible coverage in your price range.

We offer monthly incentives to our customers and keep you up to date with valuable information that can save you time and money.

Located in the city of Glendora, we have clients from all over Southern California, just like the famous highway Route 66 where our office stands. Here at Route 66 Insurance we are proud to offer our services to keep you protected in your travels and business ventures!

Route 66 Insurance Agency Mission

Unlike any other auto insurance company on the planet, Route 66 aims to provide its customers with thorough knowledge of Auto Insurance Glendora. Whether you are looking for commercial insurance Glendora or workers compensation insurance Glendora, we are here to take you through all your options.

What is Route 66?

Route 66 is your one stop shop for all your insurance needs. Car insurance Glendora, business insurance Glendora, liability insurance Glendora and auto insurance Glendora, are some of the insurance policies we can get you connected to. We are not insurance providers. We are mainly brokers who help you get the best insurance policy in town. Think of us like a grocery store, where you can shop for all the different types of insurance policies you need. Never again will you feel the need of visiting several insurance companies. We are now here to provide you with policies that best suit your interests.

Why Route 66?

Route 66 aims to provide customers with a one stop shop for all insurance policies. We are a local business, offering services as brokers to customers. This means that our highly experienced and skilled team of professionals is able to guide you through the technical aspects of insurance policies. Once you are with us, we have your back throughout your tenure. Let's say you are looking for auto insurance Glendora and you don't know which policy to pick up, you can contact us and we will take you through.

Following are the types of insurance policies we deal in:

In other words, if you have no idea about insurance policies or you want to play it safe, we are here to help you out.

In addition, we also offer vehicle services as per your convenience. You won't have to wait in long lines for your turn. With us, you simply have to make an appointment and that's it. No waiting and no time wasting. We have made the process easier, smoother and much faster for our customers.

Throughout the years of service, Route 66 has ensured maximum customer satisfaction by providing excellent insurance brokering services. We have made it possible for our clients to get the best deals against their money so that they never have to feel insecure with an insurance provider.

At Route 66, we have your back!